FastTrack At CFDevCon – Learn FusionDebug and FusionReactor

If you are planning on attending CFDevCon, then this will be of interest to you. Charlie Arehart will be teaching a full-day course on FusionDebug and FusionReactor on November 10th, 2006, the day after the conference.
FusionDebug enables developers to debug their programs by setting breakpoints, stepping into tags and CFCs, examining the contents of variables and watching expressions and much more. FusionReactor increases server stability and performance as well as adding powerful tools for monitoring, supporting, debugging and auditing ColdFusion and J2EE based websites and applications.
The course costs £249 (+VAT) and each attendee will receive a free license of FusionDebug (value $299) and free admission to CFDevCon. You can register online.

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  1. charlie arehart Avatar
    charlie arehart

    Thanks for mentioning that, Ben. I’ll be mentioning the free Devcon seat (a new bonus) in a blog entry later today.
    Hey, while I have your attention, I see that you seem to be running the standard (long-ish) version of lyla captcha in your blog comment add form here. If you’ve not seen it, I offer a slightly modified captcha.XML file that you can just drop into your setup to greatly simplify it, as discussed at:
    I also have an entry there on why I don’t think it’s a problem to simplify captchas, but I realize you may think that your modifications may be enough. Just sharing if you’d missed it.

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