LiveCycle Developer Toolbox Now Available For The Download

Curious about LiveCycle? Trying to figure out just what the LiveCycle applications are and what they can do for you? Want to tinker with LiveCycle without having to deal with complex installations? The LiveCycle Developer Toolbox is a self-contained pre-configured environment made up of JBoss, MySQL, LiveCycle Forms, LiveCycle Form Manager, LiveCycle Print, LiveCycle Reader Extensions, LiveCycle Security, LiveCycle Workflow, and LiveCycle Workflow SDK. All you need to do is download it (all 550MB of it!), install it, and run the examples.

14 responses to “LiveCycle Developer Toolbox Now Available For The Download”

  1. Fred Wenger Avatar
    Fred Wenger

    Could Adobe make it into a VMWare Virtual Appliance? That would make it even easier to try out.

  2. John Blayter Avatar
    John Blayter

    I must say that it is interesting to see JBOSS being included in the download instead of JRUN.

  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    John, the sandbox was using JBoss long before Macromedia and JRun were in the picture. And LiveCycle does not run on JRun yet (there is some very J2EE server specific CORBA code involved), so JBoss it is for now.
    — Ben

  4. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Fred, that’ a good idea, I’ll suggest it.
    — Ben

  5. Adam Reynolds Avatar
    Adam Reynolds

    So that will be JBoss for CF 8 then…

  6. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    We’ve already said that JBoss support will be in a future CF. But there are no plans to stop including JRun as the default embedded J2EE server, no.
    — Ben

  7. Adam Reynolds Avatar
    Adam Reynolds

    Shame. I’m not a great fan of JRun. That fact Adobe are dropping JRun 5 means that as a product it is a dead end. Could Adobe at least give the option as to which embedded engine people want to install.
    Personally I want one where the commitment is 100%. Jrun is legacy.

  8. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Adam, you are missing the point. We embed a J2EE server for those who don’t want to know that one is there, those not really interested in Java and J2EE. The embedded J2EE server is a facilitator, it’s job is to make ColdFusion run. It would make little sense to ask users to pick a J2EE server to not care about. For those who do care, we’ll keep adding supported J2EE as warranted.
    — Ben

  9. Adam Reynolds Avatar
    Adam Reynolds

    Hi Ben,
    I kinda realised the comment was a bit ott, however I find some of the memory management in Jrun (we run it embedded) to be not too good and is something of a black art. If the J2EE server is just being patched then there is little that can be done. Our jrun.exe server process regularly runs at around 1.1GB and craps out at 1.4gb.
    It’s a minor issue, but I would want CF to ship with a facilitator that is being developed and improved upon. <shrug>

  10. Oliver Merk Avatar
    Oliver Merk

    Has anyone tried installing the Sandbox? I and others have had no luck getting it to start. Tons of JBoss errors and MySql won’t start up at all.
    Also, note that it does not include any of the newer products like Generator, as this package is over 6 months old. Ben, will Adobe be updating/fixing the Sandbox soon?

  11. Mike Potter Avatar
    Mike Potter

    I’ve tried installing the Sandbox on my Windows XP machine and had no problems at all.
    Maybe you can post some more details about your setup here?
    We are working at getting the Sandbox updated with the 7.2 release of the products, and I believe it will include PDF Generator as well, though I’m not 100% certain.

  12. Marcel Boucher Avatar
    Marcel Boucher

    First about getting the sandbox to start:
    1) Do you have JDK 1.4.2_xx installed and have your JAVA_HOME environment variable set?
    2) Are you logged on to the machine as the same user as the one that installed the sandbox? The reason for this is that we drop a bat file in your user’s home directory to define the SANDBOX_HOME variable.
    3) Is it possible that you already have JBoss or Tomcat and MySQL running on that machine? The sandbox uses the default ports (8080 for JBoss and 3306 for MySQL)
    4) Do you have an IM client running prior to starting the sandbox? There is a known issue with JBoss and IM clients on the same machine… IM clients will grab random ports and sometimes they grab 1099 which is the default port for JBoss JVM_BIND.
    Maybe you could send me your JBoss log files, or console error messages to

  13. Sterling Ledet Adobe Training Avatar
    Sterling Ledet Adobe Training

    Correct me if I am wrong, but all of the appliance images at vmware are linux based. I don’t think they can post any Windows based appliances, as MS would probably not allow it. And the sandbox, unfortunately, seems to be Windows only at this time. So while I too would love a sandbox install as a vmware virtual appliance (and in Adobe Livecyle authorized classes, that’s how they do it), I don’t think you’ll see that as publicly available.
    Perhaps a play from Microsoft’s marketing playbook may have legs. Microsoft distributes a lot of their MBS stuff (Dynamics, CRM, etc.) as Virtual Server .VHD files on a time expiring demo copy of Windows Server 2003. That would allow people to play with the code for a limited time trial. But for some reaon, I doubt Microsoft would be very open to the idea of letting Adobe distribue even time-limited trial versions of any of their OS’s. 😉
    Now if we could get a LiveCycle Sandbox that was linux based ….

  14. Carlos Nascimbene Avatar
    Carlos Nascimbene

    You can build a VMWARE with MS WIN 2003 Server and any app including off course LC Servers.

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