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Only a few more days to register for MAX, and it’s not too late to do so. While just about every hands-on session is now sold out, there still is room at many of the other sessions. For now.
Also, MAXUP (the open FREE community-driven event-within-an-event featuring presentations on a variety of topics) just got a high-profile boost, both Ebay and MySpace will be presenting on Flex projects they are working on.

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  1. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Jen, sorry about that. You are not the first to mention this, and I have forwarded your message to all of the relevant individuals within the company. Again, sorry.
    — Ben

  2. Jen Avatar

    Hi Ben,
    First of all, I enjoy reading your blog. Lots of great info! I have been developing with ColdFusion for about 7 years and I am registered to attend MAX for the first time.
    Registering for sessions has been an extremely painful process.
    Every time I log into the agenda builder there is at least one (and usually more than one) session that has mysteriously disappeared from my agenda. I have been informed by several people at both Adobe and Enterprise Events that if dropped from a session or it is rescheduled, then I should expect to receive an email. (I have not received any, though I have received emails for sessions that I am not signed up for.) I am usually able to re-add the session for a different timeslot, but that means juggling other sessions.
    This has been very time consuming and frustrating process. I started printing and taking screen-captures of my agenda every time I log in, so that I can easily identify which sessions have "gone missing".
    When I contacted Enterprise Events they said I would have to speak to Adobe. No one at Adobe has been able to help me, either (they say to call the MAX 800 number – and speak to Enterprise Events). I don’t know if anything you can do personally…. but I guess I need to vent about this and am keeping my fingers crossed that someone will see this and be able to help.
    Thanks for "listening". Looking forward to seeing you at MAX!

  3. Jen Avatar

    MAJOR KUDOS AND MANY THANKS to Ben Forta & Ray Camden…
    A rep from Enterprise Events called me this afternoon and we worked everything out. She was also able to assist my co-worker that has been having the same registration woes.
    For anyone else with similar issues – if you are using the Flex scheduler, try the HTML version here:
    Thank you again, Ben & Ray! See you at the Venetian!

  4. David Maggard Avatar
    David Maggard

    They really need to look into this, because a coworker and I both are having to check it at least twice a day to replace classes that have disappeard, and neither of us has received a single email that they were dropped. I feel sorry for the people that simply assume that since they paid their $1100 or more + rooms + travel and used the registration app that they are done, because they are gonna showup the 23rd to find 1/2 their classes are gone and they are all fullup and they will feel cheated. All I can assume is that they are trying to keep classes from being too small, but if that was the case they should schedule it different, select the classes you want int the order of priority with more than there is time for, that way they could schedule as many classes as needed per subject and they could assign alternates if there isn’t enough demand for a specific class to justify a(nother) session, and people would be able to get the most possible out of their investment. If high schools can do it then surely MAX can.

  5. Kyle Hayes Avatar
    Kyle Hayes

    I am having the same problems mentioned above, only mine has caused an issue that is quite serious. I signed up for the big Framework debate that is scheduled to occur on Tuesday starting at 2:00pm. I originally signed up for this event, literally minutes after Adobe announced the eScheduler was up. To my great dismay, I looked online to check my schedule and confirm everything was in order and my entire schedule was replaced COMPLETELY by a different one. Almost as if it was someone else’s schedule. On top of which, I was no longer scheduled for the debate. I attempted to sign back up for the debate and it would not let me because it said it was full.
    I checked the HTML version of the scheduler and the debate is not even listed anymore (probably because it is full) what should I do? My team at Boeing is expecting me to report news and information that I find out from this 3 hour session on frameworks as we are beginning to implement them into our projects.

  6. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    David and Kyle, I don’t know what to say, that’s just unacceptable. I have forwarded both of your messages to the MAX executive team for follow-up. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
    — Ben

  7. Kyle Hayes Avatar
    Kyle Hayes

    Thank you, Ben, I very much appreciate your time and effort.

  8. Kyle Hayes Avatar
    Kyle Hayes

    Did you get a little spam spam?

  9. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Yep, and already deleted it.
    — Ben

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