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  1. Ben,
    What is with the schedule? Every day I check it and it seems they drop and add sessions at a moments notice with no notice to registered attendees. Today it appears that most of the hands-on Flex and Coldfusion sessions have disappeared. This will probably be my last MAX and I hope someone creates a Flex United to go along with CF United.

  2. Steve, there have been some minor schedule changes (there always are), but you should not be seeing lots of sessions drop or change. If this is happening when you sign up for sessions then it may be because many are sold out.
    — Ben

  3. Ben,
    I understand that there are schedule changes, but I set my schedule, save it, come back three days later and all my hands on sessions are now empty. This has happened 3 times and that is why I started checking every day.
    Today, other sessions that I have had on my schedule for a month disappeared (e,g, Getting Started with Apollo).

  4. Wow, that should NOT be happening, and it’s the first I’ve heard of it. I’ll pass the message along (flagged urgent). Thanks for letting me know.
    — Ben

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