One More MAX ColdFusion BOF

We’ve added another MAX ColdFusion BOF (no, it won’t conflict with the two already scheduled). This new one will be entitled “ColdFusion IDEs”, and will present a forum for you to share your opinions on this important subject (admit it, you have a strong opinion about this one!). Discuss what you use and why, talk about what you’d like, speculate about the ideal CF development environment … we want to hear it all.
We’ll be posting the final BOF list to the MAX site shortly.

One response to “One More MAX ColdFusion BOF”

  1. John Farrar Avatar
    John Farrar

    I would like to throw this idea out to the public, great thing to add to discussions at the birds of feathers. How about a FREE version of CF so we can answer the PHP type argument. Now not just any user would free, but I was thinking a CF Desktop added to the CF Pro, and CF Ent scheme. Only the Desktop would be free and limited to localhost only. That could drive sales of CF and FLEX! I posted the concept on my BLOG.
    Since it is off topic, we can comment there. Might be nice to even get a mention of it just as a friendly appeal from the community!

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