We’ve added another MAX ColdFusion BOF (no, it won’t conflict with the two already scheduled). This new one will be entitled “ColdFusion IDEs”, and will present a forum for you to share your opinions on this important subject (admit it, you have a strong opinion about this one!). Discuss what you use and why, talk about what you’d like, speculate about the ideal CF development environment … we want to hear it all.
We’ll be posting the final BOF list to the MAX site shortly.

One thought

  1. I would like to throw this idea out to the public, great thing to add to discussions at the birds of feathers. How about a FREE version of CF so we can answer the PHP type argument. Now not just any user would free, but I was thinking a CF Desktop added to the CF Pro, and CF Ent scheme. Only the Desktop would be free and limited to localhost only. That could drive sales of CF and FLEX! I posted the concept on my BLOG.
    Since it is off topic, we can comment there. Might be nice to even get a mention of it just as a friendly appeal from the community!

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