ColdFusion Positions In FL and MO

  • Point and Pay (Winter Haven, FL) is looking for a ColdFusion developer with at least 3-5 years of ColdFusion development experience. Knowledge of CFCs and SQL is required. Fusebox 4 or 5 experience preferred. Contact Russ Johnson.
  • Point and Pay (Winter Haven, FL) is also looking for a software architect to focus on application design for new development. Experience with ColdFusion 7, CFCs, and Fusebox is required. Experience with Adalon and UML diagramming is a plus. Contact Russ Johnson.
  • General Dynamics / Scott AFB (St Louis, MO) is looking for an advanced ColdFusion developer to work on a government contract for Scott AFB. Experience with ColdFusion MX 7 is required, as is working with XML. Experience with Fusebox or Model-Glue Framework is preferred. Contact Brian King.

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