ColdFusion BOFs At MAX

BOF stands for birds-of-a-feather, and MAX BOFs are informal get together of like minded individuals, a chance to chat, share, learn, network, and more. MAX BOFs fall into two categories:

  • Subject specific BOFs have no formal presenters and no set agendas, instead a moderator helps facilitate the discussion between attendees on a specific subject.
  • “Meet The Team” BOFs, are a chance for you to get up close and personal with product teams (engineers, product management, support, and more). We seat product team members up front, and you get to ask, tell, compliment, request, and complain as you see fit.

MAX BOFs run in the evenings, after scheduled sessions (and we are very careful to not allow them to conflict the with annual “special event”).
The final MAX 2006 BOF schedule has not been posted yet, but some of you have asked about ColdFusion BOFs, and so, yes, they are two (as of now) you should be aware of, one of each type:

  • We will be hosting our annual standing-room-only “Meet The ColdFusion Team” BOF. We are bringing quite a selection of CF team members for you to grill, so you won’t want to miss this one. This BOF will likely take place Tuesday evening, and I’ll be moderating.
  • ColdFusion Components (CFCs) are incredible important, which is why we have several MAX sessions dedicated to them. And Ray Camden will once again be moderating a BOF for CFC users to share ideas, experiences, solutions, and more. This BOF will likely take place Wednesday night (before the special event).

There will also be 8 other “Meet The Team” BOFs (including a “Meet The Flex Team”) and many other specific subject BOFs. We’ll be posting the final list to the MAX site shortly.

2 responses to “ColdFusion BOFs At MAX”

  1. Jeff Fall Avatar
    Jeff Fall

    Any hint as to what the special event might be?

  2. John Farrar Avatar
    John Farrar

    You guys need to talk about building a complete CFIDE at the conference also!
    – Unit Testing (Built In)
    – Source Control (Team – Built In)
    – Issues Tracking (Built In)
    – Etc.

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