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  1. No, not really. It is not an Adobe site, it is a 3rd party who creates and sells branded products for all sorts of companies and events. I don’t think that the criteria to use when picking vendors like this is what they used to write their web site. As much as I’d have preferred that they use our products, the real criteria is the products they can offer and the service they can provide.
    — Ben

  2. Kind of ironic that I can’t seem to place an order because the drop box for the payment methods is empty. The form won’t let you proceed until you fill in a value there. Hmmmm…..

  3. I still have the bag I got a few years ago from DevCon in Florida. I wonder if they will give us a new one now? I have used mine everyday since I got it. It says "Macromedia" on it so it might be in the best interest of Adobe to give us some new stuff that says Adobe and not Macromedia… Ok, I have to admit I just want free stuff… 🙂
    See you at MAX

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