Chicago Seminar Was Great, Boston On Thursday

Yesterday I presented a seminar entitled “Adobe Flex 2 and Macromedia ColdFusion MX 7” in Chicago. The session went really well, lots of interest, and a very engaged and involved audience.
On Thursday we’ll be doing it again in Boston. There are two sessions, I’ll be presenting the one for CFers in the morning, and the ever impressive Christophe Coenraets will be presenting an afternoon session targeted at Java developers. There is still some room left, and registration is required.
Oh, and if attending a free seminar was not enough to entice you, maybe this will: we’ll be picking one winner from each session to win a free copy of Flex Builder (with Charting).

2 responses to “Chicago Seminar Was Great, Boston On Thursday”

  1. Alan Avatar

    I was at this presentation. Great stuff. Thanks Ben. Getting my copy of Flexbuilder today hopefully, based on what I learned yesterday – already have an existing app picked out that desperately wants to be re-written in Flex.

  2. John Farrar Avatar
    John Farrar

    It was not just a great Forta seminar. Ben performed his usual high quality speaking as we hoped. More than that he presented practical illustrations of where to get started putting Flex to work. (Or at least general examples of how aspects of both Flex and Flex Builder can accelerate web development, add features, extend code reuse, make our apps more rich, and the development experience more of a delight.) In the morning he showed how to do this with CF and there were many examples of CF integration. The afternoon was for the Java side of Flex integration. This is a must attend seminar if you are not up to speed with Flex. My personal promise is it will change the way you see Flex if you don’t have a clear picture of what it is about! (Ben, who won the door prize?)

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