Drive Your Very Own Scorpio

4 responses to “Drive Your Very Own Scorpio”

  1. Matt Ford Avatar
    Matt Ford

    Lol. This just proves what a ColdFusion geek you are Ben!

  2. Derrick Stone Avatar
    Derrick Stone

    Yeah, I’m not sure… admitting you get a joke like that might be worse than posting it, heh.

  3. Derek Versteegen Avatar
    Derek Versteegen

    Well, being a car and cold fusion geek, this reminds me of Ford "experiment" back in the mid to late 80’s when they imported (yes Ford iported) their Merkur XR4TI and Scorpio cars. You could drive a Scoprio now, I just don’t know if you’d want to be seen in one (unlke Cold Fusion).

  4. Sam Smith Avatar
    Sam Smith

    One of the other pictures on Ben’s Bangalore trip page is a sign that says, "Outside Eatables WILL BE Prosecuted." I can just imagine it now, "You! Bowl of Curry! You are under arrest for being…delicious."

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