• Optimal Payments (Montreal, Canada) is looking for a Flex developer with complementary skills in ColdFusion and/or Java. Requirements include an undergraduate degree in computer science or equivalent work experience, 2+ years of experience specifically in design-driven user interface development, at least 1 year working with Flex, and having already developed mission-critical Internet applications. Please forward your resume and sample portfolio (if possible) to Stacy Young.

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  1. how about advertising some coldfusion positions in Australia? Especially the eastern states?

  2. Send me a position and I’ll post it. I try not to post them too often as it seems to upset some people, so I tend to do so no more than once a week (usually a Friday), and the posts have their own category. Beyond that, I post what gets sent to me in the hops that I can help out some folks.
    — Ben

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