Dev Center Article On Multiple File Upload With Flex And ColdFusion

Last month I mentioned an app written by Ryan Favro demonstrating how to use Flex 2 to build a client that allows you to upload multiple files to ColdFusion. Well, Ryan has now written an article about his app for Dev Center. If you want to learn more about how his code works, check this out.

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  1. Shigeru Avatar
  2. Lauw Avatar

    Am i the first to notice that the upload.cfm file is missing form the sample files… ? And Ireally wanted to learn more about thos too 🙁

  3. Ryan Favro Avatar
    Ryan Favro

    The upload.cfm file is located in bin file included in the sample. I’ll bring this up to the devnet folks.

  4. Ryan Favro Avatar
    Ryan Favro

    Sorry by bin file I meant bin directory.

  5. Lauw Avatar

    Sorry, but it’s not in the zip file.

  6. Ryan Favro Avatar
    Ryan Favro

    The devnet folks have corrected the sample file so by all means re-download it.

  7. Gregory Avatar

    One of the sulutions to select at once and upload multiple files or all files within folder is Flash upload control. It works in all browsers and OSs and just needs Flash player on client side.
    See example here:

  8. Serg Avatar

    Take a look to another advanced flash upload utility EAFlashUpload: It has three diferent user interfaces and many advanced features.

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