Suggested MAX Session Path For CFers

A ColdFusion developer e-mailed me to ask what MAX sessions she should attend if she a) wanted to become a better ColdFusion developer, and b) wanted to get started with Flex, and especially ColdFusion / Flex integration. That’s a tough question – there are lots of sessions that fit the bill, but many schedules overlap, and attending all is not possible. (I guess that’s why she was asking for help). In case others are interested, here are the sessions I recommended (and no, do not take this to imply approval or disapproval of specific sessions):

The sequencing is not perfect (for example, I’d have preferred some of the more general Flex sessions before one on Flex debugging). But still, it’s a good mix, lots of sessions, and a chance to try it out in hands-on sessions on the last day).
Note: These are only ColdFusion and Flex sessions, and I omitted the Scorpio sessions. Many ColdFusion developers will also want to attend sessions on AJAX, LiveCycle, CSS, Flash, ActionScript, and more. Check out the full session list to figure out what sessions are best for you.

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  1. Jen Avatar

    Thanks for the advice! It looks like WD202H: Advanced ColdFusion Components is no longer on the list of sessions by track, and I can’t find it in the agenda builder. Does that mean it’s full or is that session no longer planned?

  2. Jeff Avatar

    Okay, I noticed that too. The Adobe site lists 4 different times that it’s supposed to be happening, but it’s not on the agenda builder for *any* of those times. Odd. I can’t believe ALL of them are full. Right?

  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Actually, it looks liek that session is indeed full. But we are juggling rooms so that sessions that need more room get them instead of those that don’t, so you’ll likely see slots open up shortly.
    — Ben

  4. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Just checked again, it is a hands-on session, and yes those do sell out quickly. There is a limit of 50 people per hands-on class. We are trying to add more slots for the ones that sold out really quickly.
    — Ben

  5. Jeff Avatar

    Is there any way to get on some kind of email waiting list? I’d like to know when those are open or slots become available, but I’m afraid I’d miss out if I just had to keep hitting the page over and over.

  6. Jen Avatar

    I agree with Jeff – it would be nice if there was some sort of "alert" when space becomes available in preferred sessions.
    That being said – it would also be VERY helpful if Adobe would add some functionality to the agenda system, so that if a session that is on your agenda is dropped or rescheduled you know to go in and make adjustments. I have started printing my agenda DAILY as there have been so many changes since I initially registered for sessions. A co-worker and I have both spent hours juggling our schedules to make sure that we get into the sessions we want – only to log in the next day and find that they have been moved.
    I understand the reason for the scheduling changes – I just think it wouldn’t hurt for Adobe to be proactive about letting attendees know about them as they happen.

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