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  1. Danilo, both I guess. I am working on some CF/Breeze integration ideas and want to chat with folks using Breeze and CF, particularly those who have tried to inegarte the two.
    — Ben

  2. I know that we use Breeze quite a bit for internal and external meetings as well as putting together learning/marketing presentations and feature tours. Not sure how we are currently combining CF with Breeze at the moment, but I know that minimally I’d be interested in learning more about how to integrate the two.

  3. We use both extensively, but haven’t made the effort to integrate them yet – but we would love to do so if it was made easy.

  4. Why not just throw out your questions on the blog, and let everyone brainstorm together. 🙂
    From an integration perspective – I can see where you’d wanna hook up your CMS’s to Breeze. Create schedules, presentations, report on who attended what, build sign up and registration pages, link Breeze accounts to your CMS users, if the URL to a breeze conf needs to be updated be able to notify everyone via email and automatically update their Outlook Schedule calendar event with the new URL, etc.. query for the responses to polls. Just a few ideas off the top of my head.

  5. My company has both a Breeze server and a CF server. Right now we don’t really have the two connected up at all as we are just getting goin with Breeze. My plan was use the web services that the breeze server exposes and have CF calls those if I needed to do any integration. I would image there is probably some slicker things that could be done other then what the web services may provide.

  6. Kurt, the Breeze server has an Admin API that can be used to manage users, set up meetings, get attendee lists, and more. It is not a web service in truth, more like HTTP calls passing XML back and forth. And what I am working on is a CFC that blackboxes all of that so you make simple calls and get native CF data types (like queries) back.
    — Ben

  7. I support a training department for our organization where I am expected to integerate the online course of our (licensed) Breeze platform in a blended curriculum with our instructor led courses. Our biggest challenge is incorporating reporting on compliance issues based on the organizational chart of the company’s cluster of groups. We chose to let Breeze be Breeze with a simple list of users while we plan to manag our reports in a blackbox using CF/Flex and even Flash for users that don’t have FlashPlayer 9. The current API poses many extra steps in authenticating with the Breeze environment. And it has been challenging to step through the XML. I was very disappointed that the Accelerator Solutions produced for Breeze 4.x actually did not work out as expected, and there has been no update to the original effort. Any ideas/solutions is welcome and would be wonderful.

  8. Ben, my employer webqem is the Breeze reseller for Aus. We’re also a CF/Flash/Flex shop. We’re also doing Flex/Breeze integration for ourselves and clients.

  9. I have a pretty hefty set of tools on our CF intranet sites that are integrated with Breeze and the XML API’s. What specific questions do you have that I can help with?
    – Chad

  10. We support a Community College project in California with CF-based websites and also provide a Breeze server for meetings and training. I had not considered integrating the them.

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