Presentation To Thames Valley CFUG

I’ll be in the U.K. briefly next month (on my way back from India), and will use the opportunity to present ColdFusion and Flex 2 to the new Thames Valley CFUG. The event is on September 12th and registration is required.

4 responses to “Presentation To Thames Valley CFUG”

  1. Rahul Narula Avatar
    Rahul Narula

    Hi Ben
    What are your dates for India visit ? Hope to see you in Bangalore office

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Rahul, yes, I’ll be in Bangalore most of next week.
    — Ben

  3. Kevin Roche Avatar
    Kevin Roche

    Adobe have sent me a copy of CFMX 7 Standard for me to raffle off during the meeting. so if anyone comes along they will not only hear you speak and get lunch, they also have a chance to win over 1000 pounds worth of software.
    TVCFUG Manager

  4. Radek Gruchalski Avatar
    Radek Gruchalski

    Nice Kevin 🙂 Ben, we are waiting for you!

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