Mike Nimer's Flex Debug Component

I was working on a Flex component to display ColdFusion debug data in a usable format, but then learned that Mike Nimer had beaten me to it (and created something far more elaborate than I was planning). So, if you are looking for something akin to in Flex (usable with any AS3 objects, including debug information returned from ColdFusion via a call), grab a copy of Mike’s Flex 2 Debug component.

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  1. Nick Kwiatkowski Avatar
    Nick Kwiatkowski

    Mike showed us the Flex2 Debug Component during CFUnited. While its still a bit rough around the edges, it is an awesome debugging tool! (Mike, if you are reading this, one thing I’d like to see is a way to identify what type of variable I’m looking at… e.g. when calling a Non-CF webservice, am I getting a QueryBean or an array of Structs?)

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