A Couple Of New Adobe Bloggers You Should Know About

Marcel Boucher is the Product Manager in the Technical Marketing Team for the Adobe Enterprise and Developer Business Unit (whatever that means!). In practice, he’s a hardcore techie who has been with Adobe for a decade or so, has been involved with LiveCycle for years, is a Java-head … and he recently saw the light and has become a big fan of both ColdFusion and Flex. And, although I don’t want this to go to his head, his first CF apps were rather impressive, some of the best first attempts I have seen! And Marcel has just started blogging, and plans to cover the integration of ColdFusion, Flex, and LiveCycle.
Zhenhua Yang (aka Zee) has also started blogging about Flex and LiveCycle. No CF there yet, we’ll have to work on him. 😉

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  1. Peter Tilbrook Avatar
    Peter Tilbrook

    Heh! Go to work on them Ben! Adding their blogs to my feeds right now!

  2. Pranshu Goel Avatar
    Pranshu Goel

    What is the reason J2EE is leading the market over ColdFusion MX? It could be not of much meaning to a veteran of ColdFusion MX but the reply could have more sensible started for my career in ColdFusion MX.

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