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  1. Hey Ryan, that’s a very nice Flex app. Well done!
    I thought it would be cool if you could also delete files from the server. Pretty much the reverse of what you’ve done so far. So, instead of having 1 datagrid of files to be uploaded, have another one with files that have already been uploaded and provide functionality to remove them from the server.
    But yes, it’s a very nice app indeed.

  2. You don’t really need Flex for this.. you can do this with standard Flash…. We have this running with just Flash and ColdFusion as the backend handeling multiple form upload elements.

  3. Tjarko
    You are correct the same can be achieved using he Flash 8 IDE. Both Flash 8 and Flex 2 output a swf file at the end of the day, this example is just one of serveral ways to approach it. Where it is most usefull however is for developers who are building full blown flex apps. They can use the example as starting point for intergrating file IO into their flex apps.

  4. i keep on gettin a securityerrorevent 2049 when i try to upload a file. does anybody know why this problem occurs?

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