Flex And ColdFusion Seminars In September

With the success of my recent Flex + ColdFusion seminar in D.C. and subsequent e-seminar last week, we’ll be taking the show on the road. Join me for a half day seminar to learn why there’s simply no quicker or easier way to create Rich Internet Applications than the combination of Flex 2 and ColdFusion MX 7. We’ll be in Chicago on September 18th, Boston on September 21st, New York on September 26th, and San Francisco on September 27th. Registration required.

6 responses to “Flex And ColdFusion Seminars In September”

  1. Damien McKenna Avatar
    Damien McKenna

    Any plans to hit Orlando in the near future?

  2. Daniel Avatar

    Any breeze/recording for us from Europe?

  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Damien, Orlando is not on the list yet, but I’ll pass the request on to sales and marketing.
    Daniel, yes, the Breezo of last weeks eSeminar is online, see this post:
    — Ben

  4. Rick Smith Avatar
    Rick Smith

    Haven’t seen in you in St. Louis in a while….

  5. Dave K. Avatar
    Dave K.

    The Adobe website has the Chicago Seminar listed on September 18 but this blog says the 19th.

  6. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    18th is correct, I’ve updated the entry. Thanks for pointing that out.
    — Ben

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