Superbreak Powered By ColdFusion

Superbreak is a UK online travel site, and WebWire has posted an interview with Superbreak’s Travel Website Senior Developer Dave Spurr. Among the quotes is the following:

We use Coldfusion as the core programming language within Superbreak, as well as the standard web related languages (XML, CSS, xHTML, JavaScript etc.) … With regards to Coldfusion, when I first started at Superbreak (coming from a PHP background) I disliked Coldfusion but once you get used to its idiosyncrasies (just like any other language) then it’s actually quite powerful.

Glad you think so! 🙂

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  1. Julie Avatar

    Dave Spurr is one of the best developers I have ever known. He has taken the Superbreak website to another level with the work he has done to it. You should check out his other websites – the website is pretty impressive. You wouldn’t think that someone so geeky could possibly come up with something so creative. Just goes to show that you can’t always put people into a box.

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