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  1. Why should I use this JDBC driver instead of the SQL driver that comes with standard Coldfusion ?

  2. Same question as Mikkel and Sami, is it worth it to change my datasources from the packaged SQL Server driver? Are there any noticeable performance increases?

  3. >>Why should I use this JDBC driver instead
    I’m not sure about the 1.0 version but, with the CTP v1.1 MS adds support for mirrored databases.

  4. For questions of type: "Why should I use JDBC driver…". You should use it because this is dedicated MSSQL 2005 driver. You should use it to not ask later "Why this is not woring correctly with my MSSQL 2005…"

  5. Some of these comments about driver and SQL-2005 versions are somewhat confusing. Maybe this is more specific:
    Microsoft released "Microsoft SQL Server 2005 JDBC Driver 1.0" on 1/19 and released the 1.1 version on 6/26. Both drivers work with SQL2005 and SQL2005 Express.
    The Adobe TechNote was written on 8/2, but references a link to the older 1/19 Microsoft download. But Adobe’s instructions are the same for configuring either JDBC release to work with coldfusion. So either version of the JDBC driver will work with any version of SQL2005, with the same Adobe instructions.

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