Mark Andrachek On Getting ColdFusion To Run On Mactel

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  1. Guy Avatar

    Just curious if others out there have tried this solution and if so what your experiences have been? I also wonder if Adobe has looked at this or other workarounds floating around out on the web and if they might address this issue before Scorpio?

  2. Carlos Avatar

    I tried to follow it but encountered a problem (apparently others got stuck in the same spot). Decided to give up on it and just wait for Scorpio. If Scorpio doesn’t support Intel-based Macs, that’s it for me and ColdFusion.
    But I have a feeling it will be supported so I will wait. Should only be a few months now anyway.

  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Carlos, we’ve already stated publicly that Scorpio will support MacTel.
    — Ben

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