ColdFusion And PaperThin Power Massive New Multilingual VOA Site

The new Voice Of America site has been launched, consisting of sub-sites serving content in 44 different languages, and handling over 2,000,000 unique visitors and 120,000,000 hits each month. The original site was Spectra based, but the new site is powered by PaperThin’s CommonSpot running on top of ColdFusion MX. Over 1/4 million pages of content were migrated from the old system to the new one, and our pals over at Fig Leaf worked on the implementation and wrote custom extensions. For more details see the press release. Congrats to PaperThin and Fig Leaf on this impressive accomplishment!

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  1. Teddy R Payne Avatar
    Teddy R Payne

    This isa great accomplishment for CF!
    Any word on how long did the endeavor take?

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