Join me online to learn about Adobe Flex 2, and how ColdFusion and Flex have been designed to work seamlessly together. ColdFusion productivity and simplicity on the back-end, coupled with Flex-generated rich and engaging Flash on the client-side, empowers you to build better and richer applications than ever before. I’ll be presenting this Breezo August 2nd at 1:00 pm Eastern. Registration required

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  1. Hii Ben!
    Congratulations for the seminar…I was online and it really helped me a lot understanding the front-end / back-end integration using Flex Builder / Coldfusion…I still have a doubt, but I don’t know if you’re avaiable to answer…I really want to go deep inside this "new world"

  2. I missed the seminar. can any one give me the URL for the recorded info ? I would really appreciate it

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