Brian Kotek: Stop Trying To Make CF Like Java

Brian Kotek has posted an important entry entitled Adobe Should Stop Trying To Make CF Like Java. I believe that Brian is right on the money on this one, and the entry and comments are well worth the read.

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  1. Will Avatar

    Cheers to the CF team for sticking to the true spirit of ColdFusion.
    I’m using both ColdFusion and ASP.Net, and loving ColdFusion more all the time (even after 5 years of use). On the rare occassion when I find ColdFusion lacking a feature that ASP.Net has built in, it’s trivial to add it thru custom tags, etc. The reverse is not true for .Net – while they have custom tags and such, innovating in that environment is a painful process since nothing there is trivial and data access – the most oft-used piece – is especially cumbersome. And of course .Net lacks several features that are easy in ColdFusion.
    I appreciate the continued focus on ease of use. Even as my projects grow and I need more complex frameworks to manage them well, I find ColdFusion’s simple approach gives me exactly the support I need at whatever level I’m at. That OO-like features are present-but-optional was an ingenius move that I have really enjoyed. This approach of "complexity only where and when you want it", with utter simplicity everywhere else, is the key differentiator between ColdFusion and the rest of the world.
    So Ben, in the midst of all our community’s academic blogs and "cfc-to-the-max" discussions (whose quality is pretty impressive, I’ll add), I appreciate your continued focus on the needs of the whole community, and not just the architecturally elite.

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