AdobeStock_455007340 Productivity Gains Make The Case For ColdFusion

Short (and rather shallow) overview of what ColdFusion is posted by in the UK (complete with quotes attributed to me, although I have no recollection of having spoken to these guys as of late).

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  1. michael Avatar

    Time to bring down the "Hammer of Forta" on these guys, Ben!

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Michael, no need. The quotes are not incorrect, and actually, they got most of the story details right! I’d have liked some more substance though, it feels very light and fluffy.
    — Ben

  3. AndyC Avatar
  4. Jeff Houser Avatar
    Jeff Houser

    It looks like the article quotes are taken from page 4 of that article. I was just about to post the same link…

  5. freddybob Avatar

    Speaking of the "Hammer of Forta", you might want to forcibly remind eWEEK of ColdFusion’s existence.
    "[J2EE] is pretty flexible in terms of its components, but there is one constant: The development language has to be JSP",1895,1983364,00.asp

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