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  1. You sure you didn’t jump the gun a little? 😉 All the links on the Adobe site (and the links from Flex.org) still point to 1.5 with no mention of Flex 2 GA (only Beta 3). Oh well, will try when I wake up for your keynote!

  2. Well I hope it goes up soon… before my finger cramps up from hitting the refresh button.
    Congrats to Ben and crew.

  3. It seems the release notes are only exposed AFTER the patch is installed. Which is kinda of arse-about-face, innit? I want to know whether it’s WORTH installing before I install it.
    The Adobe site says this "Full details on these and other enhancements/fixes are available in the Updater Release Notes.", but I can’t find a link that takes me to them. So I presume they’re in the install file.
    Can someone who’s installed it please post a copy of the release notes here (or point us to them, if they’re available somewhere else).


  4. Excellent, cheers. Kinda expected them to be somewhere adjacent to the download, for some "weird" reason. But looking for docs in the documentation section has a strange sort of logic.. 😉

  5. I can’t figure out where to download the coldfusion/flex connectivity or the coldfusion extensions for flex builder.
    Maybe i’m confused. is the coldfusion/flex connectivity already part of 7.02? and is the flex builder extensions already part of flex2 final?

  6. And now the real question: when are you writing a book on it Ben? LOL!!
    Seriously, I have really hung my hat on your books and they have been instrumental in both my learning CF and my continuing development. Got an idea on when a Flex 2 Application Developer’s Kit will be on the shelves?

  7. Ben,
    Now that Flex Builder 2.0 and the rest of the Flex 2.0 product line has been released, I think the focus should be on preparing an update so that Flex Builder is based on/works on the Eclipse 3.2 release coming out on Friday.
    With the recent release of the new beta CFEclipse version 1.3 (is Adobe/Macromedia still going to support this project?) I plan to migrate to Eclipse 3.2 once it is released on Friday and would like to be able to have one IDE for the ColdFusion backend and the Flex frontend (assuming I convince certain management types just how much potential Flex offers).

  8. Ben,
    Well done on the launch of Flex 2.
    I must admit I’ve been cold on the whole Flex thing, but reading about it more and more have started to think of some applications where it would fit. The new pricing now makes it possible to actually use.
    Being an old timer CF developer the learning curve seems difficult, theres MXML & AS3, it seems like a lot to learn. I agree with the previous post that I would like to see a Flex Application Construction Kit. Personally that doesn’t use FDS but uses CF for all data connectivity etc.
    Now im not sure if your planning on this or not, so let us know, but in the mean time would you be able to recommend any of the Flex 2 books that are about?
    Thanks in Advance, Looking forward to Scorpio
    Dale Fraser

  9. Devin,
    I’m in the same boat. Where the heck are the ColdFusion extensions? I can’t seem to find them anywhere and the install note that pops up looks like the same one from Beta 3. It tells you what file to look for, but not where it is or how to get it.
    Little help?

  10. Mike,
    Nowhere does anything even tell you where they’re located, not even adobe tutorials, they just say make sure they’re installed 🙂 But I happened to have found them. Look where FlexBuilder was extracted. If you left it as default, then it should be somewhere like:
    C:WINDOWSDownloaded InstallationsAdobe Flex Builder 2
    There’s also an html file in there describing how to install them

  11. Devin
    I found the html file with instructions but when attempting
    "Select the ColdFusion_FlexBuilder_Feature.zip file, and then click Open." all that was available were the beta 2 and 3 zip files
    I have the correct version of cf running viz 7.0.2,142559
    where should I be obtaining the feature.zip from?

  12. Hello Ben,
    I am using fds express with coldfusion.
    I am getting the following error in flex builder while setting the library path which points to fds.swc
    "unable to load SWC fds.swc: unknown element swc found in versions section in catalog.xml"
    Please give me the solution,
    Thanks in advance

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  14. Hello Ben,
    I am using fds express with coldfusion.
    I am getting the following error in flex builder while setting the library path which points to fds.swc

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