SqueezePlay Real Time Compression Supports ColdFusion

SqueezePlay is a real time compression engine for IIS, capable of achieving as much as 10 to 1 reduction in data size. SqueezePlay requires Windows and IIS4 or later, and will compress HTML, XML, JavaScript, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and even PDF files. And the new SqueezePlay 2 also supports ColdFusion. I’m not quite sure what “Support for Cold Fusion applications” means, I’d have thought that if it runs at the IIS level then any app served by IIS would be supported, but, still, if bandwidth costs are an issue this may well be worth a look at. Free 30 day evaluation version is available.

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  1. Stephen Cassady Avatar
    Stephen Cassady

    There is also Port80 software’s HTTPZip ( which I’ve found works quite nicely. About $350, but cheaper than SqueezePlay.
    As well, a lot of compression can be run directly from IIS – where most of these tools (I don’t know about SqueezePlay directly) act as a simple interface for making the correct settings. For super-techies, IIS 6.0 is ripe for direct tweaking as it stands.
    I’m not there, so I like the idea of companies that produce nice interfaces.

  2. Darren Avatar

    FusionReactor (ColdFusion Monitoring + Analysis + Debugging) also does this but not just for IIS, you can compress real-time independent of the web-server. FR2 lets you select which MIME types and/or pages you want to compress/exclude using a really simple interface too. FR2 is slated for release next week, and prices start around $249… plus you get a load of other CF related features too! (

  3. adam Avatar

    look Ben. somebody is selling coldfusion serial numbers for $20.00 :))

  4. Tom K Avatar
    Tom K

    SqueezePlay 2 was announced in April 2003. Which was also the date of the company’s last press release. Kind of looks like these guys may be in ‘hibernate mode’ 🙂

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