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  1. Just to clarify, our ColdFusion support consists of an Apache 2.2 module for both PPC and Intel for Adobe’s ColdFusion package. So users of ColdFusion can use the package when running Tenon’s advanced Apache on Mac OS X 10.4.x for either PowerPC or Intel. So what we did was provide the ability for ColdFusion to run with the latest 2.2 Apache fork.

  2. well, i’m glad to test it if i have $180 to buy it. anyway, ¿why selling iTools if all(apache/php/tomcat/etc) is GNU?

  3. The configuration and management GUI is what you’re paying for, and yes the idea is to use all open source modules, like Apache, PHP, MySQL, Tomcat. You can think of it as a value-added stack. And the price is $349, not $180.
    However you can download it and use it for 14 days for FREE.
    The ColdFusion Apache 2.2 module is here:
    for PPC
    for Intel

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