Model-Glue:Unity Beta Released

The first public beta of Model-Glue:Unity is available for download. It has many of the same capabilities as Ruby on Rails and ColdFusion on Wheels, as well as:

  • Automatic record validation.
  • Allows implicit invocation, where one event can fire multiple controller methods, instead of a single page mapping directly to one controller mapping.
  • No need to learn pluralization rules.
  • Separation of labels and messages into XML files for internationalization.
  • Customizable “scaffolds” via XSL.
  • Pluggable framework via ColdSpring.
  • And more.

Joe Rinehart has blogged details, and also posted a YouTube video of using it to create a blog.
And talking about Joe and Model-Glue, he’ll be presenting ColdFusion and Model-Glue at an Adobe Developer Week session tomorrow, and there are still a few attendee slots left. If you want to learn more about Model-Glue, don’t miss this opportunity.

One response to “Model-Glue:Unity Beta Released”

  1. Derek P. Avatar
    Derek P.

    truly amazing…I wish I had this when I started my development project 13 months ago…man the next version might need to get ported!! haha!
    I’m just using CFC’s and documented methods…saving so much time with NOT writing CRUD…oh man…I wish…

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