Hello from Mexico City. It’s been a few years since I was last here, and I’m glad to be back in this huge, vibrant, hectic, energetic, intense, fun city. I am writing this while looking out of my hotel window over beautiful historic Chapultepec Park (last time I was here I got the opportunity to tour it briefly), and have a view of one of the banderas monumentales (absolutely gigantic Mexican flags scattered throughout the country, this one is approximately 150′ by 75′, I am on the 21st floor and am looking up at it!).
I’m here for three days of ColdFusion and Flex related events, and will also get the opportunity to speak to the Adobe User Group Mexico tomorrow night. The event is at the JW Marriott in Polanco, and details are on the group site. I hope to see you there!

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  1. John, nope, no need for that, two citizenships is more than enough for me.
    But I will keep coming back, especially for the food (as Edgar noted).
    — Ben

  2. Hey! That’s cool. Too bad I’m in Barcelona, but just a few hours ago I was actually chatting with a Florida-based friend of mine who’s currently in Mexico too. I’ll let him know 😉

  3. I am glad that you like Mexico City and that you are promoting Flex down there. I am a Flex developer in Boston, but I am originally from Mexico City. Please let us know how the Flex community is growing over there.
    On the other hand, it is too bad that I missed this event for a couple of days. I will in Mexico City starting this Friday for couple of days.

  4. errata:"eat" instead" of "it", sorry about my bad english. By the way great conference Ben, and thanks for the surprise included. Hope you’ll fix the "scroll" thing for your next presentation 😉

  5. Are you part of the Apollo evangelist team. The Adobe week RIA presentation was excellent! Now that I know Flex builder can be used for building Apollo apps, this is going to be something I vest myself heavy into learning!

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