Favorite FlexBuilder Shortcuts

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time in FlexBuilder lately, and have started to rely extensively on some shortcuts. Some of these are actually Eclipse shortcuts, but regardless, these are some of my favorite:

  • Ctrl-F11: Run
  • F11: Debug
  • Ctrl-Alt-Down: Repeat current line
  • Alt-Up: Move line (or selection) up
  • Alt-Down: Move line (or selection) down
  • Ctrl-Click: Go to definition (also F3)
  • Ctrl-D: Delete line
  • Alt-/: Word completion (cycles through possible matches)
  • Ctrl-Up: Scroll up
  • Ctrl-Down: Scroll Down

What shortcuts do you rely on? Please share!

6 responses to “Favorite FlexBuilder Shortcuts”

  1. Richard Leggett Avatar
    Richard Leggett
  2. Tom Cornilliac Avatar
    Tom Cornilliac

    F7 – Maximize Active View or Editor

  3. Kevin Hoyt Avatar
    Kevin Hoyt

    Probably my most common that you haven’t already listed are:
    Ctrl+Space: Show code-insight drop-down whenever it goes away or whenever you want to force it. Can be used in the middle of words as well (i.e. myCanvas.get then Ctrl+Space)
    Ctrl+PageUp: Move ahead one tab to the next editor
    Ctrl+PageDown: Move back one tab to the previous editor

  4. J.Mihai Avatar

    Ctrl+PageUp: Move ahead one tab to the next editor Does not longer work, so please revize that.

  5. JOC Avatar

    Yes but that was posted in 2006.:)

  6. chary1112004 Avatar

    I have
    Ctrl + / –> Comment
    When debug:
    F6 –> next line
    F7 –> back line
    F8 –> run
    F5 –> go to detail function

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