Pearson Looking For CF Developer/Manager In Phoenix

This from David Ducic of Pearson Digital Learning:

I’m looking for a ColdFusion person that also has some project management skills. I have a need to create a visually appealing, dynamic, scalable, web-based “collateral wizard” that will enable our internal sales staff to utilize pre-existing marketing collateral templates and customize them for their needs. I’ve scoped the project from the perspective of the user experience, and I know what elements to include in the wizard. I need someone that can convert my market requirements to technical specs and build it. We are a collaborative group, and will definitely be able to provide any/all support for this person to do the work successfully. Our company is located in the Phoenix area, so a local person would be preferred. However, I’d also be open to working with this person remotely.

If you are interested, contact David directly.

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