PHP Version Of RegEx Tester Posted To RegEx Book Page

My Sams Teach Yourself Regular Expressions in 10 Minutes uses a little RegEx Tester utility to aid study, and versions of this utility have been posted for multiple languages. The next most requested language is PHP, and I just posted a PHP port of the utility created by my co-worker Charles Bihis. Thanks, Charles!

2 responses to “PHP Version Of RegEx Tester Posted To RegEx Book Page”

  1. Claudio Dias Avatar
    Claudio Dias

    Just to give you another example of HTML RegExp Tester
    Feel free to include it if you would.

  2. Ben Nadel Avatar
    Ben Nadel

    Its not a HTML regEx helper, but I used The RegEx Coach, and it is amazing! It shows highlighting, partial highlighting by group (to see which parts are matched by group), splitting. It even attempts to translate the expression into english. A MUST HAVE for anyone learning regular expressions.

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