ColdFusion Now Supports Apache 2.2

A ColdFusion update is now available to support Apache 2.2 on Linux and Unix (Apache has not yet released a Windows version). Details posted in TechNote.

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  1. Jura Khrapunov Avatar
    Jura Khrapunov

    Apache actually released Windows binaries for 2.2 branch couple of weeks ago (

  2. Mark Drew Avatar
    Mark Drew

    Would be nice if I could get a connector for Intel Based Macs too… I tried to build the myself with no success.

  3. TJ Avatar

    Do you know if the mystic updater or the next cumulative hot fix will address the coldfusion component problem that was introduced in cumulative hotfix 2?
    I haven’t seen a lot of posts about this but I ran into it on the developer edition I’m running locally. I applied cumulative hotfix 2 and all components started throwing java null pointer errors when you tried to use them. As soon as I rolled back to cumulative hotfix 1 the problems went away.

  4. Richard Cox Avatar
    Richard Cox

    I had Apache 1.3 running with CF4.51, upgraded to 2.2 on Windows and then discovered there was no connector for 2.2 for CFMX7 so went back part-step to 2.0.58. Had CFMX7.0.1 running with Apache 2.0.58 for one day (set up all my datasource names; ran several program, even some <cfchart work), then booted my computer and now it doesn’t work. I’d rather move on to Apache 2.2; so, Adobe, where is the connector for Apache 2.2? Please.

  5. Mike Collins Avatar
    Mike Collins

    The new connector is here.
    TJ – Can you offer any more info on the error? A link?

  6. Richard Cox Avatar
    Richard Cox

    With help from Mike Collins I got CFMX7 running with Apache 2.2. However, it won’t start as a process on its own. There is one instance of Jrun in RAM taking over one of the two CPUs. I enter Services and after two attempts it starts. Now there are three instances of Jrun executing (one for each execution attempt) and my machine is a slug. I was offered a suggestion of a manual start:
    c:jrun4binjrun -start cfusion
    However, I have no Jrun4 folder. If I get into the folder where Jrun resides and execute the above the error I get says:
    JRun server "cfusion" does not exist, the server root null was not found. Please verify that the C:CFusionMX7runtimelibservers.xml file contains valid data for this server. The content of servers.xml has:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!DOCTYPE servers PUBLIC "-//Macromedia, Inc.//DTD servers 4.0//EN" ""&gt;
    I don’t really know what this is trying to accomplish but looks very vanila. Any help gladly accepted.

  7. Richard Cox Avatar
    Richard Cox

    After reading the xml file I decided to replace the word cfusion with coldfusion and try again. That had better luck with:
    Starting Macromedia JRun 4.0 (Build 92909), coldfusion server 05/31/22:06:00 warning Invalid license; reverting to Developer Version.
    The prompt has not returned from that command and there are two instances of Jrun loaded and running. I vaguly recall seeing something about that build and a patch which brings that up to build 1xxxxx but that may have applied to CFMX7. I’m going to reboot and try other things.

  8. Tuggle Avatar

    *** Windows Users Go Here ***
    The above links don’t apply to Windows!

  9. Richard Cox Avatar
    Richard Cox

    By the way, I was able to get Apache 2.2.2 running with CFMX 7.01. It was working like a champ. When I recently had to rebuild my machine (windows XP) I had to get Apache 2.2.3 and CFMX v7.02. The web server runs good but I can’t get CFMX to run. I’m about to go for the fourth install and make sure nothing is running including firewall, virus checking, ect. I had it disabled but now I will uninstall them.

  10. Steve Avatar

    Ben, is there ANY overall performance gained in switching to Apache 2.2 ? We’re currently on cfmx 7.02 and Apache 2.0.54 — on win server 2003, and wondering whether to bother or not.

  11. Steve Avatar

    sorry.. forgot to add .. multiserver install on top of jrun4 😉

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