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  1. Ben,
    Do you know if the mystic updater or the next cumulative hot fix will address the coldfusion component problem that was introduced in cumulative hotfix 2?
    I haven’t seen a lot of posts about this but I ran into it on the developer edition I’m running locally. I applied cumulative hotfix 2 and all components started throwing java null pointer errors when you tried to use them. As soon as I rolled back to cumulative hotfix 1 the problems went away.

  2. I had Apache 1.3 running with CF4.51, upgraded to 2.2 on Windows and then discovered there was no connector for 2.2 for CFMX7 so went back part-step to 2.0.58. Had CFMX7.0.1 running with Apache 2.0.58 for one day (set up all my datasource names; ran several program, even some <cfchart work), then booted my computer and now it doesn’t work. I’d rather move on to Apache 2.2; so, Adobe, where is the connector for Apache 2.2? Please.

  3. With help from Mike Collins I got CFMX7 running with Apache 2.2. However, it won’t start as a process on its own. There is one instance of Jrun in RAM taking over one of the two CPUs. I enter Services and after two attempts it starts. Now there are three instances of Jrun executing (one for each execution attempt) and my machine is a slug. I was offered a suggestion of a manual start:
    c:jrun4binjrun -start cfusion
    However, I have no Jrun4 folder. If I get into the folder where Jrun resides and execute the above the error I get says:
    JRun server "cfusion" does not exist, the server root null was not found. Please verify that the C:CFusionMX7runtimelibservers.xml file contains valid data for this server. The content of servers.xml has:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!DOCTYPE servers PUBLIC "-//Macromedia, Inc.//DTD servers 4.0//EN" "http://jrun.macromedia.com/dtds/servers.dtd"&gt;
    I don’t really know what this is trying to accomplish but looks very vanila. Any help gladly accepted.

  4. After reading the xml file I decided to replace the word cfusion with coldfusion and try again. That had better luck with:
    Starting Macromedia JRun 4.0 (Build 92909), coldfusion server 05/31/22:06:00 warning Invalid license; reverting to Developer Version.
    The prompt has not returned from that command and there are two instances of Jrun loaded and running. I vaguly recall seeing something about that build and a patch which brings that up to build 1xxxxx but that may have applied to CFMX7. I’m going to reboot and try other things.

  5. By the way, I was able to get Apache 2.2.2 running with CFMX 7.01. It was working like a champ. When I recently had to rebuild my machine (windows XP) I had to get Apache 2.2.3 and CFMX v7.02. The web server runs good but I can’t get CFMX to run. I’m about to go for the fourth install and make sure nothing is running including firewall, virus checking, ect. I had it disabled but now I will uninstall them.

  6. Ben, is there ANY overall performance gained in switching to Apache 2.2 ? We’re currently on cfmx 7.02 and Apache 2.0.54 — on win server 2003, and wondering whether to bother or not.

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