Hello From Vienna

I am in Vienna, the largest city in Austria, home to about 2 million, and once home to the likes of Mozart, Freud, the von Trapp family (immortalized by “The Sound Of Music”), and of course, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.
The European Commission (the largest ColdFusion customer in Europe) is holding their annual web developer conference here, and I am speaking today (to IT managers) and tomorrow (to CF developers). (Which, by the way, is why I am not joining the Adobe contingent at JavaOne this week).

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  1. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Maya, oops, Salzburg, my bad. And weather is beautiful today! 😉
    Steve, Adobe is a Silver Sponsor, see
    — Ben

  2. maya Avatar

    Hope you like Vienna – in spite of the weather. :o)
    maya (a local of Vienna)
    PS.: The Trapp family never lived in Vienna… *g*

  3. Steve House Avatar
    Steve House

    Austria, Well Good Day Mate! Let’s put another Shrimp on th e Barbie!
    I’m glad to hear that Adobe has representation at Java One. I was a little disappointed when I didn’t see them on the key sponsors lists in the materials I received. I really feel like Adobe needs to keep pushing CF into the hands of Java developers. They should also put some ads for CF in the Java Developers Journal. After searching high and low for some JSP tags to do simple things like list manipulation, something CF has made a no-brainer since like version 3, I found myself wishing I could have had ColdFusion on a recent Weblogic project. I really don’t think that most Java developers know that ColdFusion could save them a ton of time and lines of code and they should be begging their bosses to purchase it for their next Java project.
    Just a thought! Best of luck!
    Steve House

  4. Rose Walker Avatar
    Rose Walker

    Help! Looking for a ColdFusion Programmer for a 8 month – 1 year long project in New Haven, CT. Need to work onsite.
    Interested? Please email me

  5. Mark Flewellen Avatar
    Mark Flewellen

    Austria, Well Good Day Mate! Let’s put another Shrimp on th e Barbie!’
    Steve I think you are getting Austria and Australia mixed up maybe.

  6. Steve House Avatar
    Steve House

    Mark… see <a href=>Dumb and Dumber</a> with Jim Carrey immediately!

  7. Steve House Avatar
    Steve House

    Ben, Excellent Thanks!
    I also just received my JDJ on RIAs with Flex and Java… good stuff!
    You guys work fast! 🙂

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