Just Released: Flex Beta 3 And ColdFusion 7.0.2 Beta

Flex beta 3 is now available for download from Adobe Labs. Download new versions of Flex Builder, Flex Data Services, Charting, Flash Player, the ColdFusion/Flex connectivity bits, and the sample applications.
The ColdFusion updater updated ColdFusion to 7.0.2. In addition to the Flex connectivity features, the updater also includes other goodies, including an updated reporting engine, a fix for ColdFusion generated Flash to address the IE EOLAS update, and more. Damon Cooper has posted details.

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  1. Dave Carabetta Avatar
    Dave Carabetta

    Ugh, once again the installer doesn’t support a standard WAR installation ("invalid JRun server root"). Ben, is it possible for somebody on the CF team to post a set of instructions for manually extracting and installing the Mystic updater? It was suggested when B2 was first released that this issue would be resolved for B3, but I guess not.

  2. Mike Kelp Avatar
    Mike Kelp

    I’m gonna check this out tomorrow night.
    That is all. Thanks Ben (and Macromedia by the Associative property)

  3. John Farrar Avatar
    John Farrar

    OK… could you give us the skinny yet on what features will run/or not on CF Pro for the final release? Is there a market mix yet? I would like to start planning on where we will implement this technology. (And it is doubtless that we are not alone in that reguard.)

  4. Chris Avatar

    is the new CF version jdk1.5 certified?

  5. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Chris, no, this is a minor update (outside of the Flex bits).
    — Ben

  6. Josh Avatar

    Was Flex Builder written in Java as well???
    I was playing around with linux the other day and went to install the Flex Builder pluggin and noticed it doesn’t support Linux. Is this in the plan to do? I thought you guys were going to come out with Flash Player 9 for linux.

  7. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Flex support is in both CF Standard and CF Enterprise. The only capability that will only be available to Enterprise is messaging, as the interface to that is event gateways. But regular Flash Remoting will work, as will Data Synchronization via FDS.
    — Ben

  8. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Flex Builder is based on Eclipse, so yes, Java based. The beta is Windows only for now, but we do plan support for other OSs (but I can’t comment on any specific OS yet).
    — Ben

  9. John Farrar Avatar
    John Farrar

    Great. Since we develope solutions that are for SOHO business that means that we will be able to use this solution in a meaningful way! (And inside a company like that I rate the load of flash to the load of Access. LOL )

  10. Gary Fenton Avatar
    Gary Fenton

    Do we really need more features when there are still horrid bugs in CF7 that stop it from working properly? Where’s the bug fix for the "File not found" error, plus a fix for cflogin which doesn’t work correctly in a cluster. Instead of more gloss for new customers we need some fixes for existing customers.

  11. Wim Avatar

    I agree, there are still plenty of bugs in CF… please get rid of them first before adding new features!

  12. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Gary amd Wim, did you read the post and the link to Damon Cooper’s post? Aside from Flex connectivity, there are no new features in 7.0.2 – just updates, patches and hot fixes.
    Oh, and I assume that you have filed bug reports on any bugs you’ve found so that they get fixed in the next update. Right?
    — Ben

  13. Wim Avatar

    Ben, I did file several bug reports (through the "make a wish" form at, don’t know how to do it otherwise). Bugs are *not* corrected, even if the submitted material clearly shows the bug. They don’t even email me back to tell me that they have received the bug report… something is definately going wrong here… This certainly gives people the feeling that Adobe is working on new versions (cash!) without correcting bugs in the old one first.

  14. Tom Avatar

    Wim, nothing much changed since CF6 regarding bugs. I got the feeling that CF quality assurance team is non existent or heavely overworked few years ago. Not just CF itself but the documentation is full of bugs. Few months back MM/Adobe released a movie in which they show new software cycle. The movie displays fast paced environment with little software design planning evidence. There is however, plenty of midnight programming involved in release of the software products – this explains a lot of what we are seeing.

  15. Aitor Ibarra Avatar
    Aitor Ibarra

    With regard to bugs, could we please have a public (or maybe only for registered customers if you prefer) bug list? Just like New Atlanta, maybe? They seem to get an engineer to confirm the bug straight away and publically post the results. And then the bug gets dealt with… quickly.
    I love new features but not at the expense of leaving bugs unfixed. I want to lose sleep at night because I’m excited at the new stuff I can do with CF, and not because I’m stressed that I’m never going to get session replication working.
    Oh, another suggestion would be a public test matrix, so that we can see that every release / patch has been verified against all major OS/web server combinations, clustered and standalone etc.

  16. Gary Fenton Avatar
    Gary Fenton

    Ben, Wim is right. The only way to report issues is via "make a wish". I’ve used this before to report major bugs and no one replies to say we know about it, or we’re investigating it. I may as well email
    The bugs I’m facing today are serious show-stoppers so it angers me to see new Flex functionality in 7.0.2 and no sign of fixing major bugs. I have it on good authority that the 404 and cflogin/cluster bugs will not be fixed in the next release. How can MM/Adobe release products without thoroughly testing them with standard configurations? (Win2003/IIS/NLB). You’d expect a fix to be released quickly rather than never – as is the case. Adobe must get their priorities sorted and provide a professional means for developers to report bugs AND get feedback on the status of them.
    Sorry to use your blog to vent my upset, Ben, you’re still my favourite guru. 🙂

  17. Wim Avatar

    Ben DOES know about this, I have made this remark to him when he was in Brussels last month. However, this poor guy gets probably thousands of questions a day… let this be a good reminder 🙂

  18. Dale Fraser Avatar
    Dale Fraser

    For a company of macromedia / adboes size, the bug system is really poor. We wouldn’t get away with it in our 20 person company.
    Last time I submitted a bug through this, I got one bounced email and one out of office reply, never a confirmation.
    Leaves you wondering if anyone got it. The bug I reported 3months ago in Dreamweaver that is a real pain and simple to fix has never been fixed, I have no idea if it’s even on the list.

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