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SearchBlox is a high-performance search engine designed for corporate intranets, websites, portals and custom-applications. SearchBlox supports multiple file types (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF), 37 languages, RSS and ATOM feeds, spelling suggestions, boolean and fuzzy searches, and much more. And a java based ColdFusion CFX tag named provides simple ColdFusion MX 7 integration. (Note: The CFX tag only supports the paid or trial editions of SearchBlox, not the free edition).

2 responses to “SearchBlox Now With ColdFusion Support”

  1. Peter Swanson Avatar
    Peter Swanson

    Hi Ben,
    Looks expensive, at $599 for Pro version, the cheapest they offer in order to integrate with CF.
    I think I’ll stick with Verity.
    Thanks, though, for the notice.

  2. Ryan Avatar

    It definitely sounds easier to implement than Verity, but I didn’t see any documentation about integration with Full-Text indexes from SQL Server.

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