New Launched

Others have already commented on‘s new look. It’s clean. The menus are intuitive. Downloads are all listed in one place. Shortcut URLs (try for example). Products listed on the homepage is great. And there’s more …
But the best part of the new site? It’s powered by ColdFusion, of course!

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  1. Brandon Harper Avatar
    Brandon Harper

    Just a hunch, but the new looks like an old retrofitted Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it’s taking load very well as I can’t get there after many repeated attempts.
    Brendan: I’d imagine the URL you posted above is one of the many areas from the old which is implemented in Mach-II.

  2. Ross Valenti Avatar
    Ross Valenti

    Their site is still very slow & timing out a majority of the time. I’m guessing there are some very, very busy folks at Adobe today. I miss my CF forums!!!!

  3. Sean Corfield Avatar
    Sean Corfield

    Yes, about a quarter of the 50-ish ColdFusion applications on are powered-by-Mach II (just as was the case with before the integration of the two sites).
    Ross, not sure what you mean about the CF forums – they’re still there just as they were before the integration, still powered-by-ColdFusion, exactly as before.
    Not sure why some of you are reporting timeouts / slowness – I’m not seeing that on the URLs I’m visiting. Could you be more precise about where / when you are seeing problems?

  4. Steve Walker Avatar
    Steve Walker

    Love the clean look, but I noticed yesterday that the site is very slow and pages timeout more than 50% of the time (especially the forums).

  5. Lola Lee Beno Avatar
    Lola Lee Beno

    They really should fix the TITLE tags . . . the title for the shortcut URl still has "Macromedia" in it.

  6. Brendan Avatar

    found a URL that looks familiar, does it use any framework?

  7. Ross Valenti Avatar
    Ross Valenti

    I noticed the slow down/time outs beginning the same night that the site changes were implemented (2 nights ago?). I just got another timeout on this page:
    (05/03/06 10:09 est)
    I’m seeing this across all forums (or, I should say, teh CF forums and job opps., the two I visit most often…)

  8. Sean Corfield Avatar
    Sean Corfield

    Ross, were you seeing timeouts on the forums before the integration? Nothing much has really changed with the forums (and I have heard reports of timeout problems on and off for a long time with the forums – the only third-party application running on the "Dylan" system).

  9. Conrad Brown Avatar
    Conrad Brown

    I’m trying to access the site now and I am unable to get to it. Same as yesterday when I was trying to look up some verity information. All i’d get was a timeout. I’m not sure how much this is going to help but I figured I should let you know that it isn’t just the forums.

  10. Sean Corfield Avatar
    Sean Corfield

    I’ve heard a couple of people report timeouts from but success with – I’m reporting issues to Web Team as they arise from the community.

  11. tony of the weeg clan Avatar
    tony of the weeg clan

    looks good, i love the design!
    one oddity, on the left side, in the
    bottom left corner, i mean… the text
    goes out of the bounds of the container
    its supposed to be inside of. im using
    ff 1.5 (the txt that is out of the container
    * Support by product
    * Forums
    looks like it works just fine in IE.
    the bottoms of ALL of the containers line
    up at the bottom, in FF, but in IE the right
    one "Customer Success" is not as tall as the
    one directly to its left. thats all…
    anyway, GREAT mouseover change of color/highlight
    on links. good stuff.

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