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  1. Great news! Hopefully Beta 3 will allow me to get back into the game a bit. The install limitations in Beta 2 with the Mystic Updater put me off a bit. Ben, any idea of the types of entries that have already been submitted by chance? Just curious…

  2. I know one person that stopped investigating Flex after B2 as it caused a couple of probs and is waiting for B3. (I honestly can’t remember his exact issues).
    Shame that this competition was only open to North America. Will you be doing a worldwide competition at some point?

  3. I am extremely happy that they exteneded the date. I am going to be submiting my real estate dashboard. And now I have more time to work on the things I think need work.
    I was also kind of peeved that they are limiting it it north america only. It really limits the competition.

  4. Note that the exclusion on non-North Americans is not driven by Adobe. It has to do with federal regulations regarding international competitions and prizes. It’s really out of their hands.

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