ColdFusion And IE Active Content Changes

The Active Content Developer Center contains information and links pertaining to the changes in Internet Explorer and how this affects active content (including Flash) used in web pages.
But what about ColdFusion generated Flash, as in Flash Forms where ColdFusion generates the Flash and embeds it in client pages? The good news is that the ColdFusion team is working on a workaround to address this issue specifically for ColdFusion generated Flash. The bad news is that it’s still a few weeks away. Stay tuned, we’ll post specifics as soon as we have them.

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  1. Rob Gonda Avatar
    Rob Gonda

    Thanks! I was researching that this morning. I found that there is already a patch for Flex 1.5, but nothing for Flash Forms.

  2. CL Avatar

    How about flash charts generated by cfchart?

  3. Dale Fraser Avatar
    Dale Fraser

    Here’s a fix for anyone who wants a working website now.—kb912812.aspx

  4. Matt Avatar

    We are now experiencing this issue with our CF Flash forms.
    I have managed to put in javascript workarounds for standard Flash content but finding the CF Flash form content more difficult to get working.
    Come on Macrodobe, i would have thought you guys would already have something in place ready for this as it was announced by MS way before Christmas?

  5. Nathan Hunsaker Avatar
    Nathan Hunsaker

    I’m disappointed that Adobe chose to release this fix without updating the Macromedia Flash detection kit. We had to switch to the FlashObject script instead found here:

  6. Ryan Avatar

    Has there been anything from Macromedia about flash forms on IE?

  7. Matt Avatar

    Hi Guys,
    I have found some possible fixes for cf flash forms via these sites:
    They are in very early stages of dev but may be worth checking out if you are a fix for now until Macrodobe pull their fingers out!!

  8. mike Avatar

    Any solutions to this when using ColdFusion Flash Forms and Flash Remoting?

  9. Michael Avatar

    I think this is just another reason not to use Flash Forms with ColdFusion. Macromedia still has not fixed the "Flash Expire" problem and now they have no fix for the Active Content issue a month later. They keep pushing Flex at us just like they did Flash Forms a few years ago. How about we focus on one thing and make it good.

  10. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Mike and Michael … stay tuned, we’ll have a solution very shortly.
    — Ben

  11. R. Gerharz Avatar
    R. Gerharz

    Please see:
    For a CF 4.5 solution. Might work with newer CFs.

  12. S Boynes Avatar
    S Boynes

    Any updates on this issue?

  13. Matthew Avatar

    How long will it be in beta, any ideas?

  14. Mark Lynch Avatar
    Mark Lynch

    I just came across a problem with CFMX 7.0.2. fix and active content – if there is no web mapping for /cfide/ it fails to render charts on IE. Has anyone else experienced this or is it something I’m doing that is strange/unique?

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