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  1. ASP.Net 2.0 is free. I haven’t given that a try yet… but don’t you think that with a free IDE and a free platform that people will port the code over?
    Then again, it cost quite a bit to port legacy code over… and some may want to update old code. I would be interested in hearing how many people actually want to connect the old VB code to a ColdFusion web service. (Or for that matter… is there any difference in hooking up to ColdFusion web services than say ASP web services? It does seem a bit odd that they would focus on CF for this topic rather than generic web services.)
    Looking forward to replies.

  2. Why (in 2006) would anyone still be creating new (legacy) applications in VB6 and why promote the use of it? The .net framework is free, Sharp Develop is a free .net IDE and there are tons of free information online to get you going. Talk about not wanting to keep up with the technology.

  3. i have to agree with Brandon.
    if you have a post category called ‘Legacy’, this would be the place to use it.
    maybe it’s a case of newer-better-drool on my part, but if i had to go back to VB6 for real work, i’d be considering a new line of work. ant really, how many years has the .net framework been around?

  4. Yep, was wondering who’d point that out first! 🙂
    I’m also wondering why the author chose to consume a CF web service, as opposed to, say, a .NET one.

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