Public Deployment Of Flex 2 Apps Requires Beta Flash 8.5 Player

We’re being really open with the Flex 2 beta. Anyone can download the bits from the Labs site, and you are free to share the MXML/AS code you write and even deploy the Flex 2 apps that you create. Just keep in mind that in order to execute your apps, users will need to be running the Flash 8.5 player which is also currently in beta. As this player is a beta, it will not be automatically installed the way player updates usually are. Rather, the new player is installed along with Flex Builder 2, or it can also be downloaded directly from the Flash Player 8.5 labs page. So if you do deploy Flex 2 apps, be sure to advise users to download the beta player, and provide the appropriate URL.

2 responses to “Public Deployment Of Flex 2 Apps Requires Beta Flash 8.5 Player”

  1. Michael White Avatar
    Michael White

    i guess there’s two different players… which is the one the user needs? ActiveX or plugin? I read on another blog that IE was "fixing" their browser and it might cause issues with the ActiveX automatically (here is the second blog with a related article: is this something coldfusion/flex developers will get screwed on?

  2. Josh Avatar

    The ActiveX version is for Internet Explorer. The plugin version is for Firefox.

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