RSS Filtering Via Feed Rinse

This one is intriguing, Feed Rinse allows you to define your RSS feeds, define filters, and then access a single filtered RSS feed. The tag line proclaims it “like a spam filter for your RSS subscriptions”, and while the inspiration seems to have been profanity filtering, this seems like a useful service (and one that will undoubtedly get acquired shortly).

One response to “RSS Filtering Via Feed Rinse”

  1. Eduard Avatar

    I would like to invite you to check out It’s an RSS
    filtering and notification application that I wrote about a year ago.
    For each RSS feed I can specify keywords (by using Boolean logic) that I
    am interested in and the program will ping the feed every so often and,
    if it finds that the new RSS post contains my search keywords, it will
    send me a notification via email or SMS or IM. There’s no limit to the
    amount of filters you can setup. I would appreciate if you checked out and let me know what you think.

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