Checking In From Amsterdam

The Munich presentation on Tuesday evening went very well (despite running into yet another configuration issue). Lots of interest in Flex and ColdFusion, great questions, and the session ended up running well over 2 hours. The FusionReactor folks also briefly introduced the newest version of their product, a very impressive demo, indeed!
The next morning (Wednesday) I had to get up at 5ish to grab the first flight to Brussels for customer meetings and a usergroup / seminar event. The latter took place in a movie theatre (a first for me), definitely the largest screen I can recall presenting on (with the notable exception of MAX keynote stages). The only down side to the room was that it was big and dark, and the auditorium style layout does not lend itself to attendee interaction. Still, after a short coffee break, the crowd got going and asked lots of really good questions about Flex, ColdFusion, life at Adobe, and more.
Last night I took the train into Amsterdam, and am about to head over to my final event here in Europe, a usergroup / seminar at a local hotel. Gotta run!

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  1. Darren Avatar

    Thanks again for giving us the time to show the next FusionReactor, we really appreciate it!
    I have to say that I was truly impressed by Flex2! Amazing stuff!
    Have a safe trip,

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