FDS RTMP Config Gotcha

We’ve found the problem that prevented my Flex Data Services demos from working last night in London. And in case anyone else runs into this one, here’s the scoop.
The FDS installation contains a file named flex-enterprise-services.xml which (among other things) defines the channels used for player to FDS communication. The default RTMP channel has a URI defined as rtmp://{}:2038/{context.root}/rtmp, and context.root could not be resolved. Removing {context.root}/ fixed the problem.
Thanks to Pete Farland for figuring this one out for me (long distance via a Breeze shared desktop).

4 responses to “FDS RTMP Config Gotcha”

  1. rd Avatar

    How bout remoting… mine seems to have broken in the newest Flex beta. I’m thinking its something in either the flex-enterprise-services.xml or the remoting xml file. Any thoughts, or am I losing it.

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    I’ve had no problems with remoting, after I uncommented out the right .xml file sections. What are you seeing? What errors?
    — Ben

  3. rd Avatar

    I think I’ll wipe it and try again… whatever mods I made at first screwed it up pretty bad, not even really getting an error message anymore (my default xml editor that I used didnt make it obvious that big parts of those files where commented out). Which sections did you uncomment, is there a doc on labs that describes the process specifically?

  4. João Fernandes Avatar
    João Fernandes

    Ben, maybe you couldn’t connect to {context.root} because there is a param in the flex-config.xml file called context-root and I think by default it’s pointing to /flex.
    If your samples were working with this uri (rtmp://{}:2038/rtmp ) it seems that’s the gotcha. Maybe the player was trying to connect to rtmp://{}:2038/flex/rtmp.

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