Atlanta Presentation This Evening

I will be in Atlanta, GA, today, and will use the opportunity to talk to the ACFUG (at the Macquarium). ACFUG is one of my favorite groups, the turnout is always great, and the sessions always lively. If you are in the area, drop by to learn more about Flex 2 and what it means for us ColdFusion developers.

3 responses to “Atlanta Presentation This Evening”

  1. Jeff Hindman Avatar
    Jeff Hindman

    I attended your Webex presentation earlier today … WOW … can’t wait to get Flex Enterprise Services installed locally. Thanks again, Ben.

  2. Russell Youngblood Avatar
    Russell Youngblood

    Thanks so much for visiting the Atlanta CF User Group. I had to leave early at the break, but the first half of your presentation was excellent!

  3. Clint ATL FRB Avatar
    Clint ATL FRB

    Ben, this was my first ACFUG meeting of many more to come. Its guys like you who make it possible for us mere mortals like myself to want to learn more and do more. I’m committed to being the best Flex 2 developer I know and your presentation has blazed a trail to my success. Thank you and I can’t wait for your next seminar and/or webinar, you are an excellent speaker. FYI, I’m the one who compared Flex Enterprise server to Flash Communication server.

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