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As per the Flex Framework:FABridge page: “The Flex Ajax Bridge (FABridge) is a small, unobtrusive library of code that you can insert into a Flex application, a Flex component, or even an empty SWF file to expose it to scripting in the browser.” Details and examples of this Ely Greenfield goodie are posted on the linked Wiki page.

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  1. Adam Reynolds Avatar
    Adam Reynolds

    Was there any need to call this a Flex Ajax Bridge? I mean when you actually look at it, it is simply providing you with the ability to control the Flex app via Javascript and thus interact with the DOM.
    I don’t mind people jumping on the ol’ flavour of the week term "Ajax" however Ajax is specifically a technique for getting the client to do asynchronous data retrieval.
    The manipulation and presentation of the data is done within the DOM via Javascript.
    The Bridge provides a bridge between Flex and the DOM NOT Ajax which is, as stated earlier, a technique.
    You really need to get the Marketing people out of your labs. Adobe developers should hang their head in shame. 🙂

  2. John Farrar Avatar
    John Farrar

    I have a question about Flex… based on my experience with Flash applications. Is there a way in Flex to load an external movie (using Flash terms) into a Flex compiled SWF? The answer is likely obvious… but thought others may have the same question and this would be a good place to ask.

  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    John, yes, you can indeed load a movie. The general rule is this: if you can do it in ActionScript then you can do it in a Flex app.
    — Ben

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