Washington D.C. This Evening

Last night’s NYC session went well. There was just under 60 attendees (sorry NYC, Philly has you beat!), and as I have come to expect from this particular group, lots and lots of questions and comments and interaction.
This morning I presented to the WAMMO group in Washington, D.C. Adobe Evangelist, Lori Defurio, gave an opening presentation and talked about the new post-acquisition Adobe, and then I presented Flex 2 and CF/Flex integration. Lori and I will do it all again this evening at another WAMMO user group presentation (that’s a first I think, I have presented to multiple user groups in one day before, but never the same group twice in the same day). If you are in the D.C. area, please drop by. Details are on the WAMMO site.

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  1. Steve Rittler Avatar
    Steve Rittler

    Woo hoo! Sorry, NYC – it’s just really rare that we top you guys for attendance. I’m sure DC will blow us both out of the water!
    Special thanks to Ed Sullivan though – he does a LOT of work for us at Adobe to make sure the user groups are well supported not only for tours like this, but throughout the year.
    And Ben – thanks for stopping by. I’ve heard from a few user group members in the last 2 days about getting started with Flex. I know we’ve already started putting some things together! Thanks for the great show.

  2. paul Avatar

    Hi Ben,
    I was in your morning session and my friends and I were really impressed with all you had to show. Just as an FYI our department is having an internal discussion regrading whether we should stay with our current development platform – CF or whether we should switch to Java/JSP.
    After today I’m totally convinced to stick with CF and to start seriously considering Flex (which we tried to consider before but…well…that whole price thing got in the way. :))
    Thanks for a the insight!

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