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  1. Nice interview! It seems to me that there should also be more talk about the fact that Flex 2 and AJAX are products that have different scopes. Flex offers solutions where it is not easy for AJAX to go.
    * Simple Video Inclusion
    * GUI based page editing (With Flex builder)
    * Occasionally Connected Stand Alone Apps. (No Browser Needed)
    … and other features. I am not sure on these in particular, but it seems to me that there is a clear additional solution tier offered by Flex that AJAX cannot touch at this point at all. So… it would be good if we started promoting clearly not only what it does that AJAX cannot do but also where it works that AJAX cannot. Not to mention the cross browser instant solution or the concept of using the same technology inside and outside it’s strengths providing developers with a uniform code base and devlopement envirionment!

  2. According to Simon they took it down temporarily. 🙁
    Crap… cuz I sent the link to a bunch of people last night as I was watching it.
    Great interview btw. As mentioned in Simon’s blog by someone, it is mostly about Flex. But I think that’s the thing to get excited about as a Coldfusion developer. As a CF’er I’ve tried so many times unsuccessfully trying to create a rich experience but to no avail (trying to create apps in Flash directly).
    I don’t know about most people, but my background was originally that of a C++ developer back in the late 90’s. That’s when the web came about, and developing a web app in C++ was a pain in the ass. Then I got introdced to perl, and that was way faster to develop web apps in… and then finally we got our hands on CF 4 and my jaw dropped at how crazy easy it was to make a database driven web app.
    Flex is like going through that whole excitement again! Now things that you wouldn’t even dream of trying to do are now possible.
    With people known CF personalities like Ben Forta, Ray Camden, Simon Horwith talking so much about Flex it is a *STRONG* hint about the direction of things….

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